makes all the difference.

Always being able to make your own choices contributes to your happiness. We believe in that. That’s why Flexado offers all relevant services to make this possible.

What do you need to be successful?

Just let us know. It’s up to you.

Virtual Offices

A virtual office is a collective term for a number of flexible services combined in one package, such as a professional business address with telephone support.


Flexado can help you find a suitable office space, from which you can grow your business in a professional manner.

Pick Up

We know how important the return process is for a webshop. Even if the experience of your shop is great on the front end, the return of products by your customers is just as important.

Meet & Coworking

Do you want to work alone or together at all kinds of locations? With our one subscription you can work wherever and whenever you want.


No hassle in the field of mobile telephony, internet and data storage. With Flexado One we add a valuable service to working without restrictions.

We list Flexado’s benefits
for you

  • We offer you freedom of choice
  • All Flexado products and services are flexible
  • You work location-independent
  • Our technology is extremely reliable and developed in-house
  • Support from our team far behind the decimal point
  • All our services and work are attractively priced
  • Our contracts are of course also flexible
  • Our conditions are crystal clear

Everything within reach
with MyFlexado

  • Log into your personal environment
  • View all your invoices online
  • Easily change your settings
  • Communicate easily and safe with Flexado
Insight into all your services

Flexible working
now & in the future.

Flexado makes it possible!